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Whispering Wisdom Against Temptation

Psalm 119:97-104

Verses 101-102 I have kept my feet from every evil path so that I might obey Your word. I have not departed from Your laws, for You Yourself have taught me.

The psalmist talked a bit in our verses yesterday about meditating on the Word and the benefit that had on his life. He points out in today’s verses why there are benefits to meditating on the law.

While this man of song says that he has kept his own feet from evil he knew that it wasn’t really his doing. He knew that his human nature was no better than the next guy and that he was just as susceptible as the next guy to the temptations that come up regularly in life. This song smith wasn’t sitting in some lonely place living the life of a monk, he knew the things in his life that brought temptation. This is an important thing for us to identify in our own lives.

If we don’t know what trips us up in life, we can’t be on the lookout for it. Unless we are aware we will miss when a temptation is coming. Of course we need to know what the law is so that we know where that temptation will lead us. If we know the sins that seem easier for us, we can be vigilant about steering clear of the avenues that could lead to them. This takes being very honest with ourselves.

The law acts as a mirror for our lives. By looking into the law we can see the truth of ourselves. When we take these honest looks at ourselves we will not be able to deny the weak spots in our lives. We know where we struggle and that should be knowledge that we use to keep ourselves in check in the moment of temptation.

The psalmist knew that it was the Lord that taught him the areas in his life that were not in line with the law. This is what we need to be seeing when we study His Word. We have the blessing of having the Holy Spirit to help us. He can give us the insight into His Word that will help us know what the heart of the law is. He comforts us when we come into hard times and guides us in the way we should go, giving us the wisdom to know how to proceed to bring glory to God. We must listen and obey, holding onto Him and His ways, this is how we fight the temptations that come our way.

Making It Personal

Can you say that you have kept your feet from evil paths? What are the things that most easily tempt you? What do you need to do to fight them?

Making It Personal Kids

Why do you have to watch out for temptations? What are some sinful things that tempt you easily? Who can help you fight the temptations?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for giving us the Holy Spirit to guide us in the righteous way of life. Give us hearts and ears to listen to His correction. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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