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Whiney Babies

Exodus 16:8-9

Verse 9 Then Moses told Aaron, “Say to the entire Israelite community, ‘Come before the Lord, for He has heard your grumbling.’”

Yesterday we were talking about how God answers in three ways and our wants not being His will. Today we will see how He provides our needs even when we are grumbling against Him.

We have all grumbled against the Lord at times, usually when we aren’t living the life we wanted. It may be that shocking diagnosis of cancer or maybe the break in a relationship we thought would last forever. It may be not being able to have children as we have always dreamed. It may be that we didn’t get as good of a grade as we had prayed for. In any of these cases it is so easy to complain that He isn’t taking as good of care of us as we would have expected from Him.

Like in many things in life, perspective is everything. The Israelites were thinking about the hunger they were feeling but God was thinking about the way He was going to remedy it. God was looking at the big picture that included the heart of the matter, their relationship with Him. They looked back at the times when food was always there for the taking and all they had to do was decide what they wanted to eat and then cook it and eat it. They felt self-reliant and that is exactly what God needed to break them of. He needed them to notice that He is the great provider.

God has heard their whining but that doesn’t mean that He was pleased by it nor is it what drives His provision. Moses instructs Aaron to gather the people before the Lord. Remember, the reason that Moses told Pharaoh that he wanted to take the Hebrews to the wilderness to worship God. The grumbling and complaining reveals who the Israelites are truly worshiping – themselves. They were looking for temporal satisfaction while God was offering so much more.

How often do we whine to God about things not going our way? Are we being honest with our answer? The fact is most of us are in a whiney state at least once a day. There are some things that we are constantly whining about. Things that we feel would make our lives much better. But like the Israelites we forget that as God’s people our lives aren’t about this world and the things that make living in it pleasurable. He is calling us into deeper relationship with Him and that is what we should be wanting too. He provides all we need. Let’s focus on what He has given instead of what we want. His provisions are so we can serve Him as He sees fit. Our trials may be His training us for ministry.

Making It Personal

What is the thing you whine about the most? Could that thing be an idol to you? What has God given you that He could want to use to reach other people?

Making It Personal Kids

When we whine who does it say we are focusing on? Do you whine about things? Who do you whine to?

Closing Prayer

Father, forgive us for focusing on ourselves instead of You and how You faithfully provide for us. Help us learn not to want our way over Yours. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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