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Voice of Thunder

Job 37:1-13

Verse 5  God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; He does great things beyond our understanding.


    God has many things He is attending to beyond our day to day lives.  While we may be concerned with the how’s, when’s and why’s of our lives God is watching out for the entire universe.  He is monitoring not just the events on earth but also managing the various stars and planets in our solar system and others we don’t even know about.  That isn’t to say He isn’t paying close attention to what is happening on earth or even those details which make up our daily lives.  He is amazing and His omnipotence and omnipresence allow Him to pay attention to all details everywhere.


    Weather is something we tend to take for granted or as something to complain about.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is on any given day, someone will find some reason it isn’t good.  We live as if we like to complain about the patterns we experience.  We complain if there isn’t any sunshine and then when it comes out it bothers us how bright it is or how warm it makes us.  We know God has a plan in the weather but don’t pay as much attention as we should to His work in it.


    There isn’t a single part of weather systems which God doesn’t pay attention to the details of.  He creates each snowflake with enough attention to make sure they are all unique just as He has done with us.  When we hear thunder rolling in the distance do we stop to think about Him and how His voice thunders?  This isn’t the only place in Scripture where God’s voice is likened to the thunder of a storm.  So why don’t we look at storms as if they are there to remind us of God and His power?


    It says He unleashes the lightning which should remind us of how His light can cut through the darkest of times.  This is what Elihu was doing his best to help the older men remember this point about God.  The Lord isn’t hiding from the details in Job’s life, He is as mighty as He ever was and is working through the storms – both the storms of the nature and the storms of life.


    Verse 13 shows the complexity of what God is doing.  He may be using the clouds to punish His people or they may be to water the plants He has given us to enjoy on the earth.  Job’s problem was what so many of us deal with, we look at the things happening around us and think only about what it means to us in our perspective of the world.  The truth is God could be working out the best things for us but we can’t see them because we are fearing the storm instead of hearing His voice in it.


Making It Personal

    Do you think God only speaks to you in the good things of life?  How intentional are you at listening to what He is trying to say?  How can you know if He is punishing you or just using His power for the larger good?


Making It Personal Kids

    Are you afraid of storms?  Have you ever thought about how God’s voice must sound like thunder?  Why would God want to talk to you?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for the reminder of nature showing how powerful and amazing You are.  Help us look at You in creation, being aware of Your awesome power and loving nature.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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