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Valuable, Pure Gold Law

Psalm 119:121-128

Verses 127-128 Because I love Your commands more than gold, more than pure gold, and because I consider all Your precepts right, I hate every wrong path.

Having prayed for discernment in knowing the law, the psalmist once again praises the Lord for the purity of His laws.

The psalmist loves the law, of that there is no doubt, but the value of preciousness he gives them is something that we would do well to emulate. This love is above a most precious metal. While this may take our thoughts to jewelry with a yellow hue, it meant more than mere decoration to the people of the psalmist’s day. Gold was used for many things that included decoration, worship, and even commerce. Gold as currency could easily become an idol causing us to depend on it rather than on God.

Many of the articles of the Tabernacle and later the Temple were crafted with gold or covered with the beautiful metal. There were also false gods molded from it. It was used as a significant mark to holy royalty. These religious pieces could be looked at with awe but there was danger in looking at them as the source of power.

The army of God’s people had found themselves falling into this trap when they thought that the Ark of the Covenant was their source for victory. God had multiple times told them to lead with it as a sign that He was with them since He had told Moses that He would make His place in the mercy seat on the top of the ark. But when they started thinking of it as their lucky charm, God allowed it to be captured (1 Samuel 4:3-11).

Knowing the value of the things of gold, the psalmist points out that the law of God is purer than such things. He was not saying that it was something to worship but rather that the God who gave it didn’t give a law that was flawed but commands that revealed His purity. God’s law is pure and that purity should lead us to value the ways of truth instead of the paths of wickedness. Oh that we would praise God because we see the purity of His law.

Making It Personal

What is a way that you can see the purity of the law? How does seeing its purity inspire you? Does the purity of His law reflect in your life?

Making It Personal Kids

How are the commandments pure? Does knowing they are pure help you see Jesus as being pure? Does Jesus want you to live a life that is pure?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for the purity of Your law as it reflects the pureness of Your holiness. Give us the understanding of Your law that brings us to praise You in all Your glory, through our lives and words. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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