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Unthinkable Faith

Genesis 22:1-14

Verse 8  Abraham answered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” And the two of them went on together.


    One of the more famous Bible stories about faith takes us back into Genesis to the testing of Abraham’s faith.  Abraham finally had the son promised to him decades before.  Though his faith had wavered a great deal in those early years of the promise he wasn’t totally faithless.


    Abraham had left his homeland years before, he obeyed God’s direction to go to an undisclosed location to build a new life with just a few members of his family including his wife and nephew.  They had spent many years traveling here and there along the path and Abraham’s faith had been tested in various ways along the way.  He had proven his fear was greater than his faith twice when fearing his wife was too beautiful he claimed her as his sister, which was a half-truth, all because he was afraid God couldn’t protect him from men who found Sarah irresistible.


    Abraham also failed at faith when God told him he would be the father of many nations.  This man of God didn’t wait for God’s timing or plan but decided to make it happen in his own way which caused more problems than he could have even imagined.  After sinning in that way he once again needed to place his faith in God and await the child he had been promised.  The child came when it would seem faith was foolishness.  Who has a child at 100?


    This brings us to our story today, the biggest test of faith Abraham may have had to face.  He must have thought God had lost His mind when He told Abraham to make a sacrifice of the promised son.  That would not have been an easy thing to explain to Sarah after her having to wait all those decades to have a child.


    Though he hadn’t always been the best with living out his faith, this command from God was something Abraham obeyed immediately.  It says they left early the next morning.  This was the action kind of faith.  He didn’t allow himself time to second guess the command, he just obeyed.  He had faith God was going to provide the ram so he wouldn’t have to kill his precious son.  He knew God’s character wasn’t one of killing children as an act of worship, but he obeyed what God had told him to do with faith he wouldn’t have to complete it.


Making It Personal

    How quick are you to act in faith?  Do you struggle to obey if it doesn’t make sense to you?  What could God be wanting to teach you by having you obey without question?


Making It Personal Kids

    What does it mean to act in faith?  Do you obey quickly?  Why would obeying quickly make Jesus happy?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for this reminder that true faith obeys without knowing what You are up to.  Help us to act quickly on our faith and understand the importance of knowing You guide us for a purpose.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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