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Traveling Home

Psalm 132

Verse 6 We heard it in Ephrathah, we came upon it in the fields of Jaar:

Knowing from our time together yesterday that David wants to bring God’s dwelling to Jerusalem and build Him something instead of the tent that He has called His dwelling, let’s look at where the tent has been and what has been going on with it.

Before we go any further we need to discuss the “it” that is being talked about. The psalmist is talking about the Ark of the Covenant which held the Mercy Seat where God said He would meet with His people. This piece of Tabernacle furniture was a very special treasure. When they crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land the priests held the Ark while standing in the flooded river and God stopped it from flowing so that the entirety of the people could hurry across on dry land.

The Ark also went around the walls of Jericho, leading the march to God’s breaking down the wall. The Ark went to war with them and caused problems for enemies who captured it during battle. Their enemies thought the power of the nation of Israel was the Ark but the people of God needed to remember that it was God who was the power behind them. There were even special guidelines on how to move it. David didn’t follow them in one move and it cost a man his life.

The names in the verse before us today may sound unfamiliar but at least the first one is a place that we will know, Bethlehem. Birthplace of both King David and the King of Kings, Jesus. This reference of the Ark passing through this place is significant because it makes the connection between David and his friendship with God.

The second place listed is where David went to collect the Ark from the enemies but chose the wrong method of carrying it (1 Chronicles 13). That means this verse talks about how the Ark had traveled and was now back in the hands of His people. This was a way of saying that God was back among His people and that is why it was so important for David to make sure it had a permanent dwelling. David wanted the people to know that God was with them again. This song for the journey was a way that they were reminded that going to Jerusalem was to meet with God and worship Him as He wanted to be worshipped.

Making It Personal

Why is it important that you have a place and time to meet with God? Does it matter where you meet with Him? How often do you schedule time with Him?

Making It Personal Kids

Why is it important to meet with Jesus? Do you look for ways to meet with Him? What do you do when you meet with Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for this reminder of the lengths that David went to so that Your people could once again have a place to meet with You. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit so that we no longer have to travel to meet with You. Give us a growing desire to meet with You and want to be in Your presence. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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