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Timed Speech Wisdom

Job 32:15-22

Verse 20  I must speak and find relief; I must open my lips and reply.


    Elihu continued his rant about having kept his mouth shut during the ridiculous arguments between Job and the three older friends.  By pointing out the others having nothing else to say he asks if he still has to be quiet or can he finally have his turn to speak.  He told of how he had some things he must say.  We can just picture him sitting there throughout their discussions and thinking of all the things he would say if he ever got the chance to speak.  But he also found he had a secret weapon to use in his argument.


    God had created Elihu with an ability to understand things from wisdom’s point of view.  Some of that was being able to see things from God’s angle instead of the human viewpoint.  Elihu had been able to pinpoint the issues with the older men’s arguments because he could see things from an eternal understanding instead of the temporal thinking they were using.


    While the older men were focused on what Job had lost and probably done to lose it, Elihu was understanding and looking at all Job still had.  He had friends who were sticking with him even though they may not have been the most helpful at the moment.  He still had his life.  While he was dealing with the loss of so much and in pain due to the weeping sores he was dealing with, Job still had his breath.


    Job had lost all of his family except for his wife and though she also was less than ideal in the comforting department, she was alive and by his side.  Her words of so-called wisdom to her husband were to “stop claiming to be innocent and cruse God and die.”  She was so upset in her grief, she thought the only way she or her husband could find relief from their pain and suffering would be to speak to God in such a way He would kill them.


    Elihu stepped in to counter all the other voices clamoring for Jobs attention and said it like it was.  The young man was ready to set the record straight about who was in the right in all of this, God.  Elihu made it clear he would not be using flattery to smooth over the situation because he knew the one thing that mattered in the situation was the truth.


Making It Personal

    What has God taught you about thinking with wisdom?  How do you think you can gain more wisdom?  Do you share the wisdom He shares with you?


Making It Personal Kids

    How would you define wisdom?  Do you have any wisdom?  Are you willing to share wisdom with others?


Closing Prayer

    Father, true wisdom can only come from You and we need to seek You to find it.  Give us the desire to find wisdom and share it as You lead us.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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