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Time Suckers

Psalm 119:33-40

Verses 34-35 Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law and obey it with all my heart. Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.

We talked yesterday about how we should want to obey His laws until the end. But it isn’t about the length of the service but the heart of the obedience.

In today’s verses we see the psalmist still desiring to understand more deeply the truth of the law so that he can keep it more fully. But notice the rest of the sentence. The psalmist knew that it wasn’t enough to know the law and keep it if it wasn’t being kept with a whole heart. We all know that in theory but the truth is few of us actually obey with even half our heart.

A wholehearted devotion is not common in any area of life these days. With marriages that are abandoned and children deserted, we see that even what seem like the most committed of relationships are not. We live in a world where total commitment isn’t as common as it used to be or even as regular as it should be. As Christians we should be setting another example and what better place to start than with our relationship with God and His law.

Once again we find ourselves discussing something that requires intentionality. Nothing can be done wholeheartedly without intentional choices. To be good at anything one has to make the hard choices in life. Whether that is giving up time of recreation to work on our craft or dedicating hour upon hour practicing to hone our skills on the sport of our choice, if we want to be any good at things in life we need to be intentional about the time, energy and effort we give to it.

This same dedication should be how we come to our relationship with God and our level of obedience should show this. While the sportsman is mastering his skills through hours of practice we should be giving our time to studying the law and trying to understand the truth of why it was given. We should also be spending all our time putting into practice what we learn. Yes, that said spending all our time. To be wholeheartedly obeying the law requires being aware at all times if we are obeying Him as He desires. This is when we can say with the psalmist that we find delight in His law. This is where we find joy.

Making It Personal

What kind of dedication do you show to your walk with Christ? Do you find excuses not to spend time with God and His Word? What time can and will you dedicate to Him today?

Making It Personal Kids

What does wholehearted mean to you? Do you have times where you would rather play than learn about Jesus? How much time do you think Jesus wants to spend with you every day?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for giving us the gift of Your full attention. We confess the times where we have shown our love for the things of this world instead of You by choosing to spend our spare time the way we do. Help us desire more time with You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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