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This Little Light of Mine

Philippians 2:14-18

Verse 15b Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky

Yesterday we talked about how important it is to renew our minds so that we aren’t living as the crooked do. We have also talked about how we are to be living lives that show we are different than those in the world, but is that all that is required of us?

Paul was telling his readers that if they followed his instructions about how to live they would be known as Christ’s followers. Living as God’s holy people will make us stand out but even evil can stand out so how are we to be known as His holy people? How can we shine as stars in the sky?

Thoughts of shining should always bring joy to the Christian as it talks about repelling darkness. This is a lesson we learned in our youngest years of Sunday School. “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” We probably sang those words as we just read them. This song is so familiar that we may not have paid much attention to the words. This song should be the living motto of the Church.

By it being a living motto, we mean that it should be evident in our lives. We should be shining the light of Christ everywhere we go. We shouldn’t be tempted to hide it from the world (hiding it under a bushel). When we pretend to be of the world so that we don’t look odd to those around us or maybe we are more discreet and simply keep from proclaiming His name with our lips, we are putting a covering over the light we are supposed to be shining.

The enemy is not going to leave us alone. When we are shining brightly for God, the enemy of our souls will be trying to snuff out our light. This may come in the way of his deceiving us to believe something that isn’t in line with Scripture and the nature of God. This is what he did to Eve and she fell for it even though she had daily walks with God in the Garden of Eden. If should could fall for it how much more susceptible are we who may not even take 5 minutes to talk to God each day? Our enemy also tempts us to do things that we know are not things that would bring God glory. We must be on the lookout for him and his evil schemes against us. And part of that is knowing the truth of God so much that we aren’t duped by his lies.

Making It Personal

What are ways that you allow your light to be dimmed? What can you do to help it shine brighter? Who do you shine for?

Making It Personal Kids

What does it mean to let your light shine for Jesus? Have you ever tried to hide your light? How are you going to shine for Jesus today?

Closing Prayer

Father, we confess the times we have dimmed our light out of fear or laziness. Fuel us to shine ever brighter for You. Help us hunger for Your Word and time with You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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