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This is a Radiant Crown?

Psalm 132

Verse 18 “I will clothe his enemies with shame, but his head will be adorned with a radiant crown.”

Today we finish this psalm quoting God. It finishes with a promise about the grandeur of the reign of this bloodline.

David lived in a nice, new palace. It had high porches from which to look down over his kingdom. He was well loved by his people. God had blessed him richly and it showed. He had a large army and loyal men. There was much that he had to thank God for. And yet there is more that he was going to be blessed with, some of which he would not see in this life.

Having children is a blessing from the Lord. None of us doubt that but we may not see the full joy of the promise either. God’s promise to David was this kind of promise. It wasn’t for those moments that he could witness. No, this promise was hundreds of years in the future. When David’s sons were dead and the throne was under the reign of Herod, God kept His promise.

Just as David’s ancestors had not seen all the fulfillments of His promises to them, David leaves this world knowing that God would keep His promise. He knew that his sons would carry out their portion of the promise. There would be trials, for sure, but the bloodline would continue to reign over God’s people. But all of these years of promise kept still only acted as a foreshadowing of the ultimate part of the promise.

The psalmist quotes God as saying that his head will be adorned with a radiant crown. This crown isn’t the gold and jewels kind of royal head piece. In fact the only crown of this promise of worth was anything but radiant. It was a crown of pain, made of a vine of thorns. It was for David’s heir that was sent to reign forever.

God always keeps His promises. They may not be kept in our time or the way that we think it will, but they will be kept because God doesn’t make promises He doesn’t plan on keeping. His promises have eternal timelines.

Making It Personal

What does knowing that God spent His time fulfilling His promise to David mean to you? Do you trust God to do as He has said? How can knowing His faithfulness help you live a life that is faithful to Him?

Making It Personal Kids

Why did God take His time keeping His promise? Does it help understanding that Jesus is faithful when you know that the promise was kept little by little until the time was right? Have you made any promises that you need to keep?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for being faithful. We know that You have kept Your promises and so we know that Jesus will return when You deem it the time. Help us trust as You keep your word. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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