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The Wet Blanket

2 Samuel 6:16; 20-23

Verse 16 As the ark of the Lord was entering the City of David, Michal daughter of Saul watched from a window. And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, she despised him in her heart.

As the parade of rejoicing was entering the city there was one person who was not in on the rejoicing, in fact she thought it was awful that David was making such a spectacle of himself. Sadly David’s first wife, Michal, showed her bitterness of life by scorning her original husband. It is important that we remember the events that had led this daughter of the former king to be in the city as the wife of the current king.

She was the one who had begged to marry David when he was at the height of his early success as a warrior in King Saul’s army. She had loved David and when he fulfilled the bride price asked by Saul they were married. She had been good to David early on and had even helped him escape when her father wanted to kill him. David was appreciative of her help but didn’t send for her to come with him, nor had he sent her with his parents to Moab. Since David had left her behind, Saul found her another husband.

Her second marriage seemed to be a thing of joy for her and she was deeply loved by her second husband. When David came back after Saul’s death he demanded his wife be given back and her brother, Ish-Bosheth, gave her back. He second husband followed her weeping until he was sent away. She had known the true love of a man and had been torn away from him to become one of many wives.

When David comes home following the festivities of the return of the Ark, he is confronted by his spiteful wife. Notice that she goes out to meet him. She didn’t even have the decency to mock him in the privacy of the home but mocked him where others could see and hear. This made it especially spiteful because she wasn’t just mocking her husband, she was openly mocking the king, the Lord’s anointed.

She tells David that she thinks he was indiscreet and insinuates that he was trying to show off for the young women. But David doesn’t let her get away badmouthing him and says he would do even more to look foolish if it meant praise to God. He was reminding her it wasn’t about him, it was about the Lord and he would always want to go overboard for God. And because of her spite and disregard for the One being worshiped, she is shamed with barrenness for the rest of her life.

Making It Personal

Have you ever made fun of someone because of their worship of God? Have you ever had someone make fun of you for your worship of God? Who should be the audience of your worship?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever made fun of someone because of how they showed their love of Jesus? Has anyone ever made fun of you because of your love of Jesus? Who should be the only one you want to impress with your worship?

Closing Prayer

Father, You alone are worthy of our praise. It is hard not to think about those around us when we are worshiping, but we ask that You help us remember that You are the only one we should be concerned with when we give You our praise. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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