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The Vigil of the Lord

Exodus 12:40-42

Verse 42a Because the Lord kept vigil that night to bring them out of Egypt

Yesterday we talked about how God works things out to the very day of His plan. Today we look at how He does that.

This week as we talk about God’s providence it is important to remember that He doesn’t just set His plan and then wait for it to happen. He is active in fulfilling His plans. He knows the time that they will happen and He works out the details along the way. For example look at the timeline of our faith fathers since the promise was made. Abraham was promised a son but that son wasn’t born until he was Abraham was 100 years old. His grandson Abraham worked 14 years to marry the woman of his dreams then she was unable to have children for a significant amount of years. When she was able to have a child he was hated by his brothers because of how Jacob spoiled him.

This hate coming from Joseph’s brothers wasn’t out of God’s timing because his being younger than his brothers allowed them to overpower him and sell him as a slave. He was sold into slavery at just the right time to be needed by a certain official, Potiphar, in Egypt. He was at an age that made him appealing to this man’s wife causing him to be thrown into prison at a time that set him up to interrupt dreams of two of the king’s workers setting up the perfect time of release a few years later to be ready to save his family and the Egyptians from the severe famine. This brought his family into the land of Egypt to be put into bondage as God had promised Joseph’s grandfather about 200 years earlier. Now about another 400 years later God is fulfilling the first step in His promise – removing His people from their bondage.

Today’s key verse says that God kept vigil that night to get them out of Egypt. He who had lined up all the events leading up to it for generations was not leaving them to complete it by themselves. He was guiding them to the land He had promised. He was drawing them out from the familiar into the unknown. He was leading them to a place of trust. He was removing them for healing. He was taking them out from the pagan beliefs of the Egyptians to teach them of Himself.

He keeps vigil over His children today too. He is just as diligent in His providence in our lives. He guides us if we pay attention. He still is drawing us to Himself. He wants us to find complete trust in Him. He removes us from places of hurts if we follow Him. And His greatest desire is still for us to have a pure relationship with Him, forsaking all false gods in our lives. We need to look for His providential moves in our lives.

Making It Personal

When is a time in your life when you have seen God’s providence? Have you followed His guidance? How pure is your relationship with God?

Making It Personal Kids

What do you think it means that God is watching over you? Does that make you want to be in closer relationship with Jesus? What is a way that God wants you to follow Him?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for your vigilant care of us. Thank You for being vigilant to accomplish what You want to in our lives, in the time You want them accomplished. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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