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The Pain of Mockery

Matthew 27:38-44

Verse 39 Those who passed by hurled insults at Him, shaking their heads

Yesterday we walked with Jesus to Calvary for the crucifixion. Today we watch the scene that unfolds as Jesus tries to take His first gasps of air while hanging on the cross.

The scene is set. Three crosses, a thief on either side of Christ. There were people standing around watching. Mary, Jesus’ mother, and a few other ladies are there to witness it. John, the disciple, is also there, standing with Mary. When Mary and Joseph had gone to the Temple with the infant Jesus, Simeon had walked up and one of the things that he had told Mary was that her heart would be pierced about this child. Those words were likely running through Mary’s mind as she watched her firstborn bleeding and gasping for air in front of her.

Something else that was likely cutting Mary deep was the insults she was hearing hurled at her son. She knew He was the Son of God. She had been there since the very earliest moments of His becoming a human. She knew who He was and this was not how she wanted to see it end. Then He said it, “Woman, behold your son.” And to the disciple standing beside her, “Here is your mother.” That was it. She knew He wasn’t going to use His godly powers to save Himself from this death.

John knew who Jesus was too. He had to be wondering why it was ending like this. It was likely that he was trying to comfort Mary as they watched. The verbal assaults being hurled at Jesus had to sting. They could do nothing to stop them. The very leaders of the temple were mocking the God they claimed to serve.

The same mocking comments are made today. People claim that God can’t be real because God would never let the bad things happen. There are claims that He would make everything better if He was real. But He didn’t even make things better for Himself. He took all the pain and all of the jeers. He still listens to all the claims that He can’t be real. It has been 2000 years and the mocking hasn’t stopped. And it isn’t just the people of the world. Don’t our lives sometimes reflect those of the religious leaders? There are times that our lives are screaming that His sacrifice means nothing. Do our lives show how we really feel about Him?

Making It Personal

Does it bother you to hear God mocked? What do you do when you hear Him mocked? Do you mock Him with your life?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever heard someone make fun of Jesus? Does it make you uncomfortable to have someone make fun of Jesus? How can things that we do make fun of Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, none of us like to be mocked or made fun of and yet we can see that Jesus endured that on the cross as He died for us. Help us learn to live in a way that glorifies You instead of mocking You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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