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The Listening of Unity

Psalm 133

Verse 3 It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion. For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.

We have been talking about David's illustrations of how refreshing unity is in the body of believers. Today he moves from the leadership to those of the body itself.

We mentioned in our discussion yesterday that discord amongst the members of the Church will bring hurt and burden to the leadership of the congregation. On the other hand if there is unity in the body there would be joy for all involved. So how can we learn to put a higher standard on unity with others in the body of the Church?

As we have said before, unity isn’t something that we make happen simply by trying harder. We have already learned that it takes leaning more deeply into our relationship with Christ. It is a decision that comes with some tough choices. Some of us find relationships with others come easier than others of us. Some of that is about personality but some of it is because of our background. A person from a big family will naturally understand interpersonal relationships better than a person who is an only child.

When we are children we learn that we are to share. On the surface this seems to be just a way for us to stop being possessive but when we think about it a bit more we will see that it has more to do with our learning that we are not the only ones that matter. It is a reminder that we aren’t the only ones in the world.

We may not always like to admit it but we are no better than little children when issues rise to the surface in the congregation. We want our own way and don’t want to let go of what we see as right. We think that our opinion is the right one and we often won’t even give the other side an honest listen. We say we hear their opinion but without truly hearing the reasons for their view we think to ourselves how anyone could be so ridiculous as to think that way would be best. Or worse yet we air those thoughts to another person and the discord takes root.

We should desire unity so much that we not only listen to the other person but that we make it a point to share ideas not points of view. And always with the person not with others. We must seek the greater good not what we want. That is a loving way to praise God as we join for worship.

Making It Personal

When is a time when you fought for your own cause without listening fully to another’s point of view? Why do you think your way is best? Who do you need to listen to today?

Making It Personal Kids

How can you learn to listen better to others who may not think like you? Is it better to always demand your own way or hear about other ideas too? What is something that you always want your own way in that maybe you should listen to others?

Closing Prayer

Father, we are a selfish people. Convict us where our selfishness has been hindering the calling You have called us to as a congregation. May we come to really love our brothers and sisters in Christ. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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