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The Joy of Salvation

Isaiah 12

Verse 3 With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

We have reached our last day of studying joy and come to the only reason we have for pure joy – the coming of God as a man and all that it means for us. There would be no joy in obedience if it weren’t for the knowledge that we obey out of love for the One that chose us and came to save us from our sins.

The Christmas season is full of joy but how much more for those of us that are living in the knowledge and faith that His coming as a babe – fully God, yet fully man – means that we can have a relationship with the Creator of the universe. The joy of the season is rooted in the purpose of His coming.

How could it not bring us joy knowing that He chose to become man, live a perfect life, teach – through word and deed – how to live a godly life, be beaten to near death, be crucified and rise again? He did what only He could do. Only a perfect lamb could be sacrificed for sin. Only God could rise from the dead in His own Spirit’s power to conquer death.

The world thinks the joy of Christmas is in the trimmings. Yes, the music is special and brings warm fuzzy feelings. And the sparkling lights draw our eyes to their beauty. The gatherings of family and friends fill the air with laughter as we regale each other with memories. We love this season but is it for the right reasons?

It isn’t that those things are in and of themselves evil but if that is all the season means to us we will not have the fullness of the joy that can be ours at Christmas and the whole year through. The nativity and its story should be the heart of our focus and joy. There is reason for joy, beauty, warm feelings, laughter, memories and love at Christmas but the source of those belong in full, only to those who know that the reason for the season is the birth of the Savior. This is the ultimate source of joyous love!

Making It Personal

What brings you the greatest joy at Christmas? Do you find joy in Christ’s purpose in coming? Who can you share that joy with today?

Making It Personal Kids

What is your favorite part of Christmas? What was the greatest gift given at Christmas? Why was Jesus being born the best gift ever?

Closing Prayer

Father, we can’t thank You enough for Your gift of salvation. Your gift of love is the joy of Christmas. Help us share the truth of the joy of Christmas with everyone we come in contact with. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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