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The Gift of Law

Psalm 119:1-8

Verses 7-8 I will praise You with an upright heart as I learn Your righteous laws. I will obey Your decrees; do not utterly forsake me.

Yesterday we talked about how important it is to be living a steadfast life that keeps us from feeling shame when we think about the law. But the law needs to be seen as more than just a measuring stick for our lives.

It isn’t just about obeying the law, although that is important. We can’t look at the law only as boundaries to stay inside or we will miss a part of the blessing of being obedient. The psalmist is saying that he knows he must praise God for the law. Let’s be honest this isn’t our first thought when we think of the law. We think about all the things that we can no longer do that we enjoyed. We may think of all the things that we will have to give up in order to obey. This makes sense but can we actually praise Him for it?

The law has been believed to be a bitter pill for many generations but we should come to understand it as it was given, a gift from a loving Father. He didn’t give us the law to hold us back but to help us learn to soar. Our flesh would soar in sin if we were left to our own choices. We don’t naturally desire to do what is right and good. A child is not prone to do what their parents want without being told. Why do we think we are any better at doing what God wants through our own thoughts and efforts?

If we would learn to praise God for His laws and desire to learn more and more of His law we will find that we can begin living lives that are full of praise as we obey Him, as we learn the law and come to love it as the gift it is. We are to live uprightly as proof of our love for Him.

We should want to learn what He commands of us and count it as a joy to serve Him through obedience. The psalmist is especially asking that God not forget him. He doesn’t want to be out of God’s sight and therefore will continue obeying God by learning to love the law and obeying it joyfully. We should do the same.

Making It Personal

What level of joy do you give to your obedience? Do you long to learn more of the law? What are you doing to learn more of God and His law?

Making It Personal Kids

Why is the way you look at the law important? Do you get excited to follow rules? What can you do to learn to like obeying Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, we praise You for the gift of Your law. We are not prone to obey You and yet that is the very thing we should do. Give us a desire to learn Your law. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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