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The Act of Faith

Genesis 22:9-14

Verse 10 Then he reached out his hand and took the knife to slay his son.

We talked yesterday about the talk that had to happen between Abraham and Isaac as they made their way to the place God was leading Abraham to go. They have now reached their destination and the true test of faith comes for both father and son.

When they reached the appointed place they built an altar. The mood had to be growing more and more somber with each rock put into place. Abraham had been sure that God would provide an alternate sacrifice so that the son could be saved. But those thoughts may have been starting to fade with tinges of doubt.

Then there is the boy who sees his father’s mood growing more and more somber and the picture is starting to become clear that there is something that his father is holding from him. He keeps looking about hoping that a sheep will show up and show up soon. But the last of the rocks were now in place and his father was laying out the wood. Could this really be happening?!

Then his father ties him up and lays him on the altar. Now remember that Abraham is an old man at this time, likely over 110 years old and Isaac is a coming of age young man. It is likely that the son could have easily overpowered the father and resisted being bound and laid on the altar, but he didn’t. While Abraham is trusting God that He will make something happen to keep his son alive, the son is trusting God enough because of his father’s faith to allow his dad to prepare him to be the sacrifice.

God doesn’t intervene until He knows for sure that Abraham is going to go through with the sacrifice. The knife is raised to be plunged down into the promised son when an angel calls out for Abraham to stop. Talk about cutting it close! What a sigh must have escaped from the lips of Abraham and his son at that moment.

It was the following through in this act of faith that proved the depth of Abraham’s faith. But didn’t God already know the depth of Abraham’s faith? After all the man had left his homeland to go where God was leading without knowing the end destination. No, God needed Abraham, and even Isaac, to see that they could have this extreme faith in God. It was this faith that they would be teaching the generations that followed. It was this faith that would be kept alive in a remnant of God’s people through all of time. It was this remnant of God’s people in the New Testament times, that God used to establish His Church.

Making It Personal

When has your faith been pushed to its limits? Did you feel like God had failed you? How did He prove Himself faithful?

Making It Personal Kids

Is it hard for you to obey your mom and dad when what they ask doesn’t make sense to you? What happens if you don’t obey? Does Jesus want us to obey Him even when it doesn’t make sense?

Closing Prayer

Father, forgive us the times we don’t act in full faith of You. Thank You for being faithful in every situation. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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