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Tears that Grow Joyful Songs

Psalm 126

Verse 5 Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.

Knowing God’s desire to restore what has been lost should make us question if we have the same desire to be restored.

Our verse yesterday was the psalmist asking for God’s restoration but he understood that real restoration for God’s city would require true restoration of God’s people. This restoration takes an acknowledgement on the part of the people that the reason restoration was needed was because of their not holding up their end of the covenant relationship.

God had warned His people what would happen if they didn’t follow His commands. They were warned that He wouldn’t turn a blind eye to their spiritual adultery. They knew the truth but were willing to take the chance that God, being gracious, would allow them to get away with it. He didn’t.

Now that they have lived through their punishment and have seen many of their friends and relatives die in a foreign land they begin to see the error of their ways and instead of just taking in the knowledge and going forward with life they take the step that would have helped them stay in the land as promised. They accept that they have sinned, confess those sins and then repent. That is what these tears about.

Tears that flow from a repentant heart will not remain. When we truly repent we don’t stay there. With repentance comes the turning from the former way of living and thinking to turn towards God and His ways. The repentant heart is one that is unloading its burden of sin and allowing the God of peace and love replace it with joy. Not a head in the clouds, oblivious type of happiness, no, this is a bubbling joy that comes from knowing we are in right standing with God. It is a bursting desire to do as He wants.

This song of ascent is a reminder of who God is, who we have been and a joyful song that breaks forth from a repentant heart. When we repent of the sin that has held us back from full relationship with God, we will be lifted to a freeness that only comes from full communion with our Father.

Making It Personal

When is a time in your life where you have fully repented and found the joy of living in peace with God? Is there anything blocking that pure joy now? How much do you desire a close relationship with God?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever cried because of a sin against Jesus? What should you do when you have sinned against Him? Do you have something to repent of today?

Closing Prayer

Father, give us a heart that is repentant. Break our hearts with the things that break Your heart. Give us a passion for living as You want us to live. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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