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Taking Lessons from Creation

Psalm 148

Verse 14 He has made His people strong, honoring His faithful ones— the people of Israel who are close to Him. Praise the Lord!

Yesterday we talked about how creation would burst out in praise if we don’t. Today we will talk about how creation praises Him and what we can learn from it.

Paul pointed out in Romans 1:20 that through creation the world can see His invisible qualities like His eternal power and His divine nature. There is another thing we, as Christians, can see and learn from the way creation lives out the purpose that God created them for.

The verses in this psalm list things that should be praising the Lord, but how do the things of creation praise Him? We need to take note of how creation obeys God. The seas don’t readily leave their banks, they stay where God placed them. The winds don’t blow without His direction. The stars remain hanging where He has placed them. Clouds form as He determines and trees produce their fruit only in the season that He created them to.

Each component of creation does as He deems because they were not created with choice as humans were. That means that they obey because they don’t know any other way. But why would God create humans with choice if He wanted us to live the way He wants us to? The answer is that He wanted us to want to praise Him not just feel obligated to.

The rest of creation obeys God because it doesn’t know any different but we only obey when we remember Him as our creator. While the rest of creation can’t miss God as its giver of life and its purpose for living, we tend to get focused on self. Jesus reminded His listeners that the majority of creation depend on God for their needs (Matthew 6:26-29). They praise Him as they live out their purpose because He is everything they need.

He is everything we need as well and yet we aren’t always praising Him as we should by choosing Him above all else. When we don’t obey we are showing that we think our way is better than His. We are pointing to ourselves instead of pointing to Him. But bringing Him glory is what we have been created to do. No matter what it is that He created us to do He designed us to point people to Him. So no matter how He designed us we need to follow the example of creation and praise Him by obeying Him.

Making It Personal

What did He create you to do that will bring Him glory? Are you obeying Him by living out your purpose? What do you need to do to obey Him today?

Making It Personal Kids

How does creation praise Jesus? How do you praise Jesus? Do you praise Him by obeying?

Closing Prayer

Father, we confess the times that we have failed to bring You glory through obedience. Help us learn to praise You through living lives of obedience. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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