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Steady as a Rock

Psalm 112

Verse 6 Surely the righteous will never be shaken; they will be remembered forever.

The psalmist takes a slight turn in direction in today’s key verse. Although we have been talking about the ways God cares for the physical needs of His people, we shift to look at another way He cares for His people.

The other day we talked about how trials can shake us and that the light of God’s love and care dawns in our darkness, but what about the times that we are emotionally or spiritually shaken? We all have experienced these times in our lives. Whether it is a time of year that brings on the blues due to lack of sunshine or a blow to our emotions through the loss of a loved one, we all come to those times in life when we feel like life is just too much to handle. These are times when it may seem hard to praise Him.

These low times in life can feel even lower if we feel like God has abandoned us. We feel more alone than we ever have before. We have no joy in life and feel like if we were to praise it would be fake. Our hearts wouldn’t be in it. Praise requires joy, doesn’t it? While we often associate praise with joy, praise isn’t always filled with happiness. Praise just needs to be full of the knowledge of who God is.

The psalmist saying that the righteous will never be shaken is not him saying that troubles won’t come, it is just his understanding, likely through personal experience, that God will never leave the side of His children. Our steadiness in life isn’t because of who we are, it is because of who we are grounded in. God is never wavering and so when we are in close proximity to Him we will not be shaken.

He never forgets His children. He knows where we are and what we are going through. He is holding us in His mighty hand. We may be in the dumps but we aren’t there alone. If we look to Him and seek His presence, we will find the steadiness of His being right by our side. Remember when we said the other day that Jesus could sympathize with us because of His coming as a human? This is one of those things that He knows more than we ever could. He was on the cross bearing all the sin of the world – past, present and future – and since God cannot abide with sin, He turned His face from Christ’s body on the cross. This turning His face from Jesus meant that Jesus understands what true separation from the Father feels like. Thank God we never have to know life without His steadying hand.

Making It Personal

When is a time in your life that you have felt alone and down in the dumps? Did you think God had deserted you? How did He remind you that He was still there?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you ever feel sad and like no one cares? Does it help to know that Jesus will never leave you alone? How does knowing that Jesus is always with you make you feel?

Closing Prayer

Father, we praise You because You are always there for us. Even when we are struggling emotionally or spiritually You are right there with us, wanting to hold us steady and guide us forward. Help us always seek Your presence. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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