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Spiritual Weed Preventer

Psalm 129

Verse 6 May they be like grass on the roof, which withers before it can grow;

The psalmist continues looking at what is coming for the enemies of God's people. Maybe not immediately but in God's perfect time.

Grass growing on the roof may seem strange to us. So what is the psalmist talking about? The roofs we are used to are pitched to an incline but the roofs of ancient Israel were flat and often times used for the family to gather on, kind of like a raised, outdoor family room. Given a wooden beam foundational layer, followed by straw matting and topped with clay packed tight provided a sturdy rooftop terrace.

A roof made of these materials wouldn't grow an elevated green space. In fact before we go any further we need to pause and step away from focusing on the grass. What if this verse is only partly about the grass? If the grass is representing the enemy of God's people, it only stands to reason that the roof plays the part of God's chosen people.

The reason the grass can't grow is due to the composition of the roof. The materials don't support the rooting of grass roots. Maybe we should see this as a reminder to live as the roof.

The roof has a sturdy foundation. We should be building our lives on the beams of Christ and His truths. When we have that firm foundation we build on it with more knowledge of God and His commands. That secondary level allows us to pack down the needed surface to repel the enemy taking root.

One of the best ways for the enemy to be sent packing is not letting the evil take root in the first place. Just the slightest encouragement could set that grass to putting down roots. We can not allow the slightest encouragement of sin in our lives. Build wisely and send that grass packing!

Making It Personal

Have you built a life that is prime growing for the enemy? Where are the weak spots in your spiritual life? How are you going to work on those spots?

Making It Personal Kids

In what kind of life does sin grow bigger? How important is it to dig sin out of your life? What does it mean to live for Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, we confess all the times we have allowed sin to take root in our lives. Help us dig it up and keep it from talking root again. In Jesus' name, amen.

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