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Spiritual Carb Loading

Psalm 119:129-136

Verse 133 Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.

Yesterday we touched on what it means to feast on Sunday and live in famine the rest of the week. Today we talk about keeping the Sabbath day feast mentality all week long.

When runners are in the throes of training for a race they are intentional about their diets. There are many ways that they train including daily runs and stretching but they often follow a pattern of when they eat their meals and what kinds of meals they eat. Within 24 hours of a big race it is common to see them loading up on carbs to make sure they have the energy to give it their all through the entire race.

Our Sabbath feasting is a kind of carb loading. This is not to say that we shouldn’t also “eat” throughout the week but we do need to get a boost to our spiritual metabolism and God has provided the Sabbath as a way of doing that. For the runner, the carbs give them the energy to move through to the end of the race but not past the end. In fact by the end of the race they are in real need of replenishing fuel to their bodies. The same can be true in the spiritual life when we don’t maintain a meal pattern during the week, we feel spiritually weak when the Sabbath comes around again. And when we are spiritually weak we can’t give life the full push that we need to.

An out of shape person has a harder time helping another person in their moment of need and the same is true for an out of shape Christian. When we are not fueled for the work He has for us to do, we can’t benefit the kingdom of heaven in the most efficient way. He has made a way for us to be fueled to do the work He has for us to do. He doesn’t want us fueled for our own purposes, He wants us to do the work He has for us to do. And since we know that the Sabbath is not about work we know that the work to be done is on the other 6 days of the week. And since we know the working out of our faith is a daily event, we know that a maintaining diet of the Word is needed daily as well.

We may ask how we can know what He has for us to do. The truth is He will show us the ways He has for us to minister to others as we learn what He is wanting to teach us. How do we know what God is trying to teach us? What does He give the pastor to feed us on Sunday? If we know our pastor to be a man of God then we should trust that God is the One speaking through him. If we don’t feel like we are learning anything we need to do a self-check of our heart. We may have a pride issue that is keeping our hearts from hearing the Word from the pastor’s lips. Maybe we think that he can’t teach us anything but maybe it is because we are listening to the pastor and not the Spirit coming through him.

Making It Personal

Do you know the work God has for you to do? Are you doing it? If you don’t know what He has for you to do, how can you find out?

Making It Personal Kids

What kind of work does God have for people to do? Does He have things for kids to do? Do you work for God?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for wanting us to work for You. Please help us know daily what it is that You have for us to do that day. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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