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Shoo Lie, Don’t Bother Me

Psalm 120

Verse 2 Save me, Lord, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues.

On the surface this verse may seem out of place but it is so important to know in our walk and journey to worship.

This may sound like a prayer to be kept safe from evil men but remember this is a song to prepare the heart for worship. While we may all agree that the church should be the one place that should be safe from lies and deception, that isn’t always the case. This prayer to have the Lord guard our ears and hearts from lies isn’t only talking about human deceivers.

The enemy is the father of lies and he is always wanting to lead us away from the truth, especially the truth of Christ. This evil mission is carried out in different ways. Sometimes he uses false teachers to lead us away from the absolute and other times he confuses us about what is being taught. Either way it is important that we are aware and asking God to protect us from something that will hinder us from the truth that He has for us to hear.

It only has to be a partial truth for us to be misled and so in preparing for worship we must pray for Him to keep us from being deceived and we need to make sure we are focusing on Christ and His teachings so we will recognize the slightest lie. We have to know truth so that we will recognize the lies.

When preparing to worship we need to acknowledge anything in our lives that will try to distract us from the truth. Maybe we have a sin in our lives that we don’t want to admit that we have allowed the enemy to build lies upon in our lives. One of those sins could be something as simple as holding ill feelings towards another believer. If we are, it becomes easy to hear in the sermon things that we hope that person hears, all the while missing the message the Spirit has for us. Or maybe it is another sin that interferes with your listening completely.

When we are praying that He protects us from lies and deceit, we are asking Him to help us seek truth and know truth so that we can worship Him fully.

Making It Personal

What is a lie that you struggle with? What truth of Scripture can you use to battle the lie? Is there a time when you are particularly gullible to the lies?

Making It Personal Kids

What is the difference between a lie and the truth? Why is it important to know what is the truth? How can knowing the truth about Jesus help you worship Him?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for helping us know truth. Please continue to reveal truth to us and save us of from the lies. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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