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Schooled by the Priest

1 Samuel 22:11-16

Verse 16 But the king said, “You will surely die, Ahimelek, you and your whole family.”

Having heard what the shepherd from Edom had said, the king is further infuriated. It is obvious the betrayal has gone as far as the priests in Nob. If Saul was in a place of thinking about God he would have likely felt this stronger than he did. His anger about the priests helping David came more from his hate of David and less about who did the helping.

The king calls the priests to come and meet with him. They don’t see the problem of having helped the king’s bodyguard, David. That tells us a couple of things, firstly that the king’s hate of David wasn’t common knowledge around the nation. This actually helped David get away as far and quickly as he did as well as providing him with a weapon, food and time to get his parents tucked away safely in Moab.

Secondly, we see God had not told His priests that David was to replace Saul. God was not letting others in on His plan even if Saul’s plans for David would soon be widely known. David and his brothers knew about his taking over the throne someday as did Jonathan but God holds the details as to the when and how in the secrecy of His heart.

Saul sounds like someone who is paranoid as he confronts the priests about betraying him by helping David. The king was even mad that the men of God had consulted with God for David. This tells the truth about the heart of Saul, he was more concerned with the priests defending him than he was about them serving God as He had directed.

The priest’s report shows Saul the last thing he wants to think about, David in a positive light. Ahimelek points out some things that would be like a searing knife to the king. He points out that no one is as loyal to the king as David. He also points out that David is the king’s son-in-law. But he doesn’t stop there, he points out that David is also the captain of the king’s security detail and that this wasn’t the first time that he had talked to God for the younger man. The priest, unintentionally or not, had just told the king that David seeks God’s direction and guidance. The priest begs the king to think it through but the king’s focus won’t be shifted from his hate for David.

Making It Personal

Have you ever disliked someone so much that it clouded how you saw anything associated with them? Did your distaste for them cause you to see things about them which weren’t true? Have you ever forgiven them?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever disliked so much that you don’t want to like anything that they like? Have you forgiven them for hurting you? Why is forgiveness important?

Closing Prayer

Father, there are times when we take an affront more personally than we should. Help us see the truth behind our emotions and give us the wisdom we need to forgive them. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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