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Running for the Win

2 Samuel 2:18-23

Verse 18 The three sons of Zeruiah were there: Joab, Abishai and Asahel. Now Asahel was as fleet-footed as a wild gazelle.

Joab had been a faithful man in David’s army for years but it appears he wasn’t the only one of his father’s sons to serve with David. It was a family affair and this battle seems to have riled more than just Joab. His younger brother, Asahel, appears to have made a name for himself in a unique way. This man was an athlete, an extreme runner. He wasn’t just fast, he was nimble and could maintain his footing when others would lose theirs.

After the battle at the pool, Asahel was not happy that Abner had made it through and decided to track him down. He didn’t let himself get distracted or tripped up, he knew his mission and he wasn’t going to stop until he had taken care of his business. This wasn’t about a personal vendetta between Asahel and Abner. Asahel seems to understand that Abner is the real enemy. While it was Ish-Bosheth who was king of Israel, it was Abner who had made it happen.

Asahel was showing his loyalty to David. If Abner was going to try to keep David from ruling the whole of the nation than Abner needed to go. God had not meant for His people to be divided into two opposing groups and since Asahel knew God had chosen David, which meant Abner was working against God and that just couldn’t be allowed.

Abner knew by the speed and agility of the man chasing him that it was Asahel and knowing that meant he knew he was not going to get away, so Abner pleads his case and tells his pursuer that he should go after the younger men. But Asahel is not to be deterred and catches Abner.

Abner had tried and failed. Abner knew he was done for and when you can’t get away it is time to prepare to fight and so that is what he did. They hadn’t stopped to have this chat and so Abner decides his best chance is to hurt Asahel in motion. When the pursuer got closer Abner put the butt end of the shaft of his spear out where Asahel would run into it. The fast runner didn’t just get injured, he was impaled, fell and died. The spot where he died was soon a memorial to him. A man who ran to his death and a man who had just set himself up as public enemy #1.

Making It Personal

How willing are you to stand and fight for God? What position does God hold in your life? What issue could use you standing up in Jesus’ name?

Making It Personal Kids

How willing are you to stand and fight for Jesus? What position does Jesus hold in your life? What could you stand up for in Jesus’ name?

Closing Prayer

Father, it is so easy for us to just sit back and let life pass by but there are times that You don’t want us to sit and watch them go by. Give us wisdom of when to fight for You and the insight to know when we are only fighting for ourselves. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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