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Royal Mockery

Matthew 27:22-31

Verse 29 and then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on his head. They put a staff in his right hand. Then they knelt in front of him and mocked him. “Hail, king of the Jews!” they said.

Jesus has just been sentenced to death by a man who said He wasn't guilty but who ordered Him flogged and killed anyway. Jesus knew this was coming. He had prayed in anguish the night before and yet the moment was here. There was no turning back. It would take a supernatural happening, a miracle, to change these circumstances. But the opposite was more true, it was taking Jesus' supernatural power to stay in these circumstances.

About 34 earth years earlier Jesus' had left His throne above and had taken on the form of a weak, helpless infant. He had seen years of peace and love and had also experienced heartache and persecution. All of that had lead to this decisive moment. The moment of supernatural holding still His human form so that He could do what He had come to do - die the death of the ultimate sacrificial Lamb. The Lamb of God.

This is a loud and rambunctious scene. Jesus is likely quiet amidst the chaos swirling around Him, stripping Him and then clothing Him in royal looking garb to mock Him. They weave a crown out of thorns and place it on His head. They hand him a makeshift scepter and kneel in front of Him and in mocking tones say, "Hail to the King of the Jews." They spit on Him and hit Him on the head with the staff, no doubt pounding those thorns into His scalp. Then they replaced His garments for the walk to the crucifixion place.

How often do we act the same towards Jesus? Sure, we don't physically beat Him but do we mock Him by saying He is our King and then living under the rule of the enemy? How often do we mock Him with our lives lived for self? How deep are we hitting His crown of thorns?

Making it personal

Let's reflect on the scene we have just witnessed. Do you ever think about how it was His love for you and His hate of your sin that caused Him to use His supernatural strength to allow this to happen to Him? Is this image enough for you to hate your sin too?

Making it personal kids

Do you think Jesus was sad during this time of being mocked? Do you think it was hard for Jesus to let them hurt Him like this? Does it make you sad to know this happened to Jesus? Do you know that Jesus did it for you?

Closing prayer

Father, Your love for us is so beyond our comprehension. That You would send Jesus to go through this because of our sin is humbling. We know that it is because of our sin that He came and died, please help us remember this any time we are tempted to sin. Remove our love of our sins. Thank You for Your amazing sacrifice. In Jesus' name, amen.

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