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Rejected and Delusional

Psalm 119:113-120

Verses 117-118 Uphold me, and I will be delivered; I will always have regard for Your decrees. You reject all who stray from Your decrees, for their delusions come to nothing.

Having talked about those he knew were bad influences on him and pleading again for God’s protection, the psalmist brings up God’s righteousness and what it means to the world.

The psalmist continues his prayer for God’s protection but he doesn’t do it with a shred of doubt. He knew that he could ask God for deliverance and to be held up because God is faithful to those that are faithful to Him. It isn’t that we buy His protection by obeying His laws, it is that when we are living as He has called us to live, we will be close to Him and can be covered by His protective hand.

He continues his prayer by looking at the other side of God’s protection. He knows that the Lord will not only take care of him and his fellow God-followers but that He has plans for those that stand against Him too. The man of song knew from God’s faithfulness that He would take that same faithfulness to do what was due to those who have rejected Him.

Notice that the psalmist is talking about those that God rejects. It isn’t always easy for us to think about God rejecting some people, and the song writer isn’t making this comment lightly. God isn’t vindictive and just cutting people off because they made Him mad one time. He is rejecting them because they refuse to live as He has commanded. These people are living lives that are harmful to themselves and to other people.

These people that God rejects are living in ways that are delusional to the point that they believe they can live in their sins and still be right with God. The Apostle Paul saw the same thing among the people in Rome and talked about the evil they were known for in the first chapter of his letter to the Romans. He talks about the evil people who suppress the truth with their evil living (Romans 1:18-32). Whether Paul knew it or not, he was reflecting the words of the psalmist. God rejects those who long to live against His commands. He will hand them over to their delusions and ultimately to their demise. We must be sure we are not among them.

Making It Personal

What does it mean to you that God rejects some people? Do you have sins that you love so much that could lead God to reject you? What comfort can you take in the knowledge that God teaches those who are His chosen people?

Making It Personal Kids

Why would Jesus reject some people? Does your love of Jesus cause you to love His commands? What kind of people does Jesus reject?

Closing Prayer

Father, there is nothing like Your rejection. When You give people over to their sins they lose true hope because they have lost the truth. Give us wisdom and truth so that we can follow You faithfully. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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