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Raise Up A Child

Psalm 112

Verse 2 Their children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.

We continue looking at the benefits of living a life of praise. We’ve talked about how God will bless us and that we should delight in His commands and today we further talk about one of His blessings, the way His blessings flow to our children as well.

The psalmist isn’t making a promise that the children of believers will be well-known and famous. No, he is pointing out one of the blessings of living lives that reflect His commands. When our children see us living in ways that please God and witnessing the joy that we have in obeying Him, it is more likely that they will come to a point of living that life too.

It isn’t enough to want to be willing to live a righteous life for our own sake. When we miss how our living righteously affects others, we fail to see the big picture. Living for God isn’t just for our good but also for the benefit of those around us. We can know that when we are obeying others are watching and learning from us. Even non-believers will take note of our lives when we are living obedient to God.

So why does the psalmist say that their children will be mighty in the land? Well, when we live in the ways we are supposed to live, it is more likely that our kids will follow in our footsteps. The one catch is that the kids must see that what is being lived in front of them is genuine. Young people are far from ignorant when it comes to knowing what is genuine and what is us living as hypocrites.

Jesus often called out the Pharisees because they could keep the law like no other group but there was no joy in their obedience. Our kids need to see that there is joy in serving Him. It is this understanding about joy in service that the psalmist was trying to get us to see as a blessing.

When our children can learn the importance of joyful obedience they will be learning what it means to worship. It is a life lived in worship that help a person be mighty in the world. Maybe not mighty in the world’s standards but in the eyes of God and other believers these children will stand tall.

Making It Personal

How much influence did your parents have in your coming to have faith in Christ? Are you blessed by seeing the joyful obedience of others? How much joy can others see in your obedience?

Making It Personal Kids

Is it easier to obey if you see your friends having joyful obedience? Do you think you could encourage others to obey joyfully if they saw you doing that? How can you show joyful obedience today?

Closing Prayer

Father, we thank You for the way Jesus exemplified joyful obedience so that we can look to Him to know how to live. Give us the wisdom to see the truth and abide in it. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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