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Prone to Wander

John 21:22-23

Verse 22 Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.”

Yesterday we looked at the human response of wanting to know what God is doing with other people’s lives. Today we will discuss how Jesus corrected Peter’s focus.

While Jesus is being kind in His response to Peter, He is in essence telling Peter to mind his own business. Jesus is being very forward with the fact that Peter doesn’t need to know about John because Peter needs to be looking forward to the work that God has for him to do. Jesus once again emphasizes that Peter needs to be following Him.

This brings us to something that is so important to our faith journey. It is what Jesus had called each of the disciples to do and it is what He has called us to do – follow Him. When children play follow the leader they don’t look to see if everyone is doing what the leader is doing because they fear they will miss something that the leader does when they look away. This is what Jesus’ followers need to understand too.

The thing that Jesus was trying to get Peter to see then, and us to see to see now, is that when we take our focus off of Him we may miss what He is wanting us to imitate Him in. Students taking driver’s training are warned against turning their body to look from side to side because inevitably they will turn the steering wheel towards the direction they are looking. The same is true for us when we look to those around us instead of keeping our focus ahead on Jesus.

If we want to make an impact for the kingdom of God, as He is calling us to do, we need to set our focus solely on Jesus and follow Him in everything. If we let our eyes wander we will eventually wander from His path to the path our eyes take. That may be the path of another or it may be the path of the shiny thing that distracts us. When we turn from Christ and turn towards something else we are showing that He isn’t Lord of our life. If He is the Lord of our life, He will be our focus.

Making It Personal

What are some things that tend to draw your attention away from God? Why do they have a strong draw for you? What guardrails do you need to set up so that you aren’t led off course?

Making It Personal Kids

When you play follow the leader, do you follow the leader as much as possible? Who should be the main leader in your life? What kinds of things do you do that show you follow Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for being a leader that we can follow no matter what. Help us follow You in every way. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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