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Preserved for Praise

Psalm 119:105-112

Verses 107-108 I have suffered much; preserve my life, Lord, according to Your word. Accept, Lord, the willing praise of my mouth, and teach me Your laws.

The psalmist has vowed to live in the light of God’s law and today’s verses show that though he trusted God and was going to live in the light of His law, life wasn’t easy.

We don’t know the things that this psalmist suffered in life. Maybe they were relationship struggles or financial struggles, maybe they were struggles of the physical nature like an ailment or deformity. No matter the struggles he faced they were true struggles. He wasn’t talking about something as simple as someone hurting his feelings or his not getting everything that he wanted. He wasn’t thinking that life was horrible because it wasn’t going his way.

The things that we call struggles in our lives are usually more like inconveniences. If we aren’t making as much as our neighbor we think of ourselves as struggling. If our cars aren’t new we complain about their lack of features. Things that we see as struggles may not hold a candle to the actual struggles of the psalmist but that doesn’t mean that life is all ease and comfort. Nor should it be.

The psalmist wasn’t even focusing on the struggles, as much as he was paying attention to all that God was doing in and through Him. He understood that life isn’t all about this portion we live on earth. Understanding that the struggles of life are merely temporal, the psalmist continues his song with the acknowledgement that the Lord is the one that preserves his life for eternity.

The overall theme of the song rings out loud in the second of our verses today. He sings of the two-fold joy of his life, being able to praise the Lord verbally and being able to learn the law. Being able to praise the Lord verbally is something many of us have taken for granted for generations and that has its downside. We are so used to being able to verbally praise God that we haven’t noticed that we may have become more cautious about where we praise Him. We are happy to praise Him in Church with other believers but not as comfortable in the public sector, sometimes even uncomfortable on social media. We may need to double check if we are quiet because we fear it could bring us struggles.

Making It Personal

How many of the struggles you have in life are really mere inconveniences? How comfortable are you praising God publicly? Do you fear what others may think about you if they knew just how much you love God and His laws?

Making It Personal Kids

What struggles do you deal with in life? Do you like singing praise to Jesus? Why is it harder to praise Jesus if those around you aren’t also praising?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for seeing us through the struggles in life no matter the level of the struggle. Help us grow the needed courage to praise You boldly in every situation and in every place. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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