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Pray for Peace

Psalm 122

Verse 6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May those who love you be secure.

We were reminded yesterday about the nation that was being called together was family, a chosen bloodline from the man Abraham. David, being a descendent of Abraham, must have had great joy at the thought of the family getting together to praise the Lord.

Like any family David knew that they don’t always get along. He had seen it among his brothers and his best friend, Jonathan’s, family and had sadly witnessed it among his own children. And while it is likely that he wanted that to change, he couldn’t make that change happen. David knew the stories of the judges that had come prior to kings being crowned for God’s people. It was well known that the times of peace in the nation had one crucial thing in common. The people had peace when they obeyed God and His ways.

This peace wasn’t just in their relationships with neighboring nations or their relationships with each other, no, it has more do with their relationship with God. To better know how to understand this relationship, we need to know God better. We need to want to know Him more. We should be desiring peace with Him.

David is saying we need to pray for peace for the city of God. Remember this was a song the family would be singing on their way to worship. They needed to be reminded that peace doesn’t come to those who aren’t pleasing Him. If they were coming to the city for the wrong reasons they wouldn’t be finding peace in this visit. They would go home with the satisfaction of doing what they were commanded to do but they would not have the joy in the festival.

We should be praying for prosperity for God’s people. Not in the way the world thinks of prosperity. This isn’t about all the getting of the things of this world’s treasures but it does include things like well-being. We need to pray for the well-being of the people God has chosen, both those from the nation of Israel and those in the Church we go to. Not just their physical well-being but the spiritual health and growth that will help us understand Who it is we worship.

Making It Personal

Do you pray for all of God’s people around the world? Do you pray for their peace and growth? Do you pray for your own peace and growth?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you pray for other Christians around the world? What do you pray for them? Do you pray for your own relationship with Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, we do pray for the peace and spiritual prosperity for the Jewish people. We know that You have plans that will bring all Your chosen people to close relationships with You. Help us desire the same for ourselves. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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