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Praising in the Darkness

Psalm 134

Verse 1 Praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord who minister by night in the house of the Lord.

Today we begin our final song of ascent. We don’t know the author of this psalm but we know their intent, to help people come together to worship and know who they are worshiping.

The psalmist starts off by saying that the people are to praise the Lord. This is a great reminder as we prepare to sign out of this study. The theme throughout the song of ascents is preparing to praise and so it is good to remember that while we have had side topics that have come up in the various psalms we have been looking at, the main thing is that we are preparing in heart and mind for a time of worship and worshiping as we go.

What we need to look at is who it is that he is calling to worship. All the servants of God that serve at night in the house of the Lord. This call is for the priests and Levites that served in the darkness. These men were not the priests that the people knew and saw often. These men saw the world when mischief ran rampant. They may not have had the glory jobs of the temple but they had a necessary position.

While we don’t have many jobs that are needed in the church on the overnights there are those that serve the Lord in other ministries while the darkness hides the evils happening around them. People who minister to the homeless at shelters or those that help runaways. The Christian men and women who are police officers who patrol the streets through the nights are also serving the Lord in the dark.

While this verse doesn’t speak directly to these services rendered outside of the temple, the principle is the same. It isn’t easy to praise in the darkness. Whether it is the service in the Temple or the service of the people, serving the Lord in the darkness is a service that God doesn’t miss.

Darkness often symbolizes evil in the Scriptures. Those who serve in spiritual darkness serve in the hardest and most draining conditions. Serving in the midst of evil circumstances means they are in the heat of the battle. It is hardest to praise when the world around us is full of the trials of evil. We need to praise Him in our times of fighting darkness too.

Making It Personal

Do you find it hard to worship in the dark times? Why is it hard to worship in the darkness? What can you praise Him for about the things you have learned in your times of darkness?

Making It Personal Kids

Are you afraid of the dark? Why is it important to praise Jesus when bad things are happening? What can you praise Him about in the darkness?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for being our light in the darkness. Help us remember that You are pleased with our praise while serving in the darkness. Help us serve You well. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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