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Praise That Brings Glory

Psalm 92:12-13

Verse 12 The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon;

Yesterday we discussed praising God for the mighty victories He has won. Today we will start talking about how important our Sabbath keeping praise is to our spiritual growth and how important our spiritual health is to our Sabbath keeping praise.

First off we must notice that these verses are talking about the righteous, that is to say those who are in right standing with God. This song of Sabbath praise shows how those who are in right-standing with the God of creation will flourish. Does this mean that Christians will always have all they want? Or that life will be all sunshine and roses? Of course not! There will still be pain, illness, betrayals by friends and trials but we will flourish in our relationship with God.

When we come into His courts with praise, as we do as a community of believers on Sunday mornings, we will come to flourish in our faith. The act of praising Him as a community, as we talked about earlier in the week, builds us in ways that those who are not a part of a faith family will never understand. There is something special about a group of righteous people getting together. When we get together with people who know God in an intimate way, we can’t help but be connected on a deeper level with them. And when we have a mutual love of God and His ways we won’t be able to keep from praise.

A righteous congregation can bring great joy to God as our praise is lifted in unison. Such praise would bring such glory to God. But not every congregation can be considered a righteous one. There are multiple warnings in the New Testament about allowing sin to go unchecked in a church as it will likely grow and ruin the ministry of the congregation. A congregation that is not righteous in God’s eyes is not going to bring Him glory no matter how much they feel sincere in their praise.

We need to ask ourselves a few questions to make sure we are in that intimate relationship with Christ that will lead to deep praise with fellow believers. What is my relationship with Christ? What is my relationship with fellow believers in the church? How are my answers to those questions affecting the congregational worship?

Making It Personal

How has your life flourished because of your relationship with God? What can change in your life to increase your praise? How sincere is your praise?

Making It Personal Kids

What does being righteous mean? Do you think you are in right-standing with God? Why or why not?

Closing Prayer

Father, as we discuss our need to be in right standing with You please convict us of all that is standing between us and You. Thank You Father. Make us more like Jesus. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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