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Powerful Reveal

Luke 23:47-49

Verse 47 The centurion, seeing what had happened, praised God and said, “Surely this was a righteous man.”

We ended our discussion yesterday with the scene of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon seeing the truth of the power of God. Jesus’ death also revealed God’s power in a way that made those not raised to believe in the God of Israel to take notice.

This centurion has likely seen many crucifixions in his life and this one definitely made an impression on him. He had experienced this midday darkness which was not something that had happened in any of the other crucifixions. He witnessed Jesus dying sooner than any of the other prisoners, as it usually took a few days. He knew this man was different.

This military man was not trained to see things that couldn’t be explained. He had no reason to think that this crucifixion would be any different than all the others that he had overseen. He had watched his soldiers divvy up the garments and heard all the normal sounds of the crowds. There may have been more mocking than normal from the religious crowd but then again there were more of that type in town since it was one of their holy days that people from all over came to celebrate.

This darkness that came over the whole area in the middle of the day was likely concerning for a military man in charge of such an event. Under the cover of darkness things could happen that would look bad for him. Sure the bodies had already been up there for a few hours when the darkness came but that may not keep followers from trying to rescue their hero. But this man should not have been concerned about Jesus’ followers. They were still too stunned that this was all happening.

Just like the king of Babylon, the centurion saw the truth when God showed His power. He saw what each of us need to come to see and accept, the God of all power is never far from His own. While Jesus was calling out in the pain of separation from the Father, the Father was still in full control and nearer than any of the faithful onlookers could imagine. He was orchestrating each detail of this Passover sacrifice and He is still in control of each moment of His kingdom today. And His power is still more than we can imagine.

Making It Personal

Have you ever seen the power of God displayed in your life? What is your response to seeing His power displayed? What does His power tell you about Him?

Making It Personal Kids

How powerful is God? What is something that shows God’s power? Why is it important to know that God is all powerful?

Closing Prayer

Father, we are sorry for the times that we forget that You are all powerful and in full control. Please help us see Your power in the small things so we become more focused on who You really are. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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