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Peace is Overrated

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Matthew 10:34-36

Verse “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

The Jews had hoped that the Messiah would bring peace to their nation by getting rid of the rule of the Romans. Jesus knew the truth of the peace He was bringing. He was bringing the peace from the rule of sin for His followers. It was this very peace that He was instituting that brought the unrest and lack of peace in the world.

Peace, in the sense of freedom from conflict, is not something that we are promised in this life. Jesus was telling His disciples to be prepared to see divisions in their families and the families of other followers of Jesus. He goes as far as to say family members would be their enemy. Why so many divisions? Well, truth and untruths can't coexist. They are going to generate conflict at every meeting. When people have opposite belief systems they can't easily get along. And in some ways they shouldn't. Yes, we are to try to live in peace with others to the best of our ability (Romans 12:18) but not to the point that we are not living in peace with God.

Jesus needed His disciples, and us, to know that being His followers was not a way to be popular. It isn't about being liked by everyone. What it is about is Jesus. You see, if we only live in a way that doesn't have His enemies becoming our enemies, we are actually following the way of comfort not the way of the cross, living for ourselves instead of for Him.

That is tough to take in, isn't it? We don't like the idea of people not liking us. It is this being at peace with Jesus that brings us true peace, the peace of the heart. Peace of heart is the only peace we can be sure of when following Jesus in the way of the cross. And that peace only comes with walking in step with Him in the face of rejection from those around us.

Making it personal

What in your life causes you to feel like you have lost the peace between you and Jesus? Are there people in your life that you are fighting to keep peace with that requires you to lose peace with Jesus? Are there people you are not at peace with that you need to be to keep peace with Jesus?

Making it personal kids

Have you ever tried to be friends with two people who don't like each other? It is almost impossible, isn't it? It's the same when trying to be friends with Jesus and His enemies. How can you choose Jesus instead of His enemies?

Closing prayer

Father, help us want peace with You even when it means not having peace with those we may hold dear. Help us to stand strong with You, despite how others feel about us. Be our leader. In Jesus' name, amen.

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