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Peace as a Distinction

Exodus 11

Verse 7 But among the Israelites not a dog will bark at any person or animal.’ Then you will know that the Lord makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel.

Today we start the advent week of Peace. Today’s passage may seem like a strange one for a Christmas devotional but our key verse holds the truth of the Gospel message given by the angels to the shepherds on that first advent.

Some translations use the peaceful to describe the Israelites night on the event of the last plague. It was so quiet that even the dogs weren’t barking. But the peace wasn’t because of something the people of God had done. They weren’t making sure that their animals were quiet. They were just doing as they had been told by God through the words of Moses. God was using this peace among His people to point to the separation He had made between His chosen people and those He hadn’t chosen.

In essence God was warring against the people who were trying to keep His people from the freedom they could have in Him. He was showing that He wouldn’t put up with His people not being free to worship Him as He desires. His people needed to know His desires for them. He had used to Egyptians as a place of refuge during a famine 400 years before but the time had come for His people to once again be a nation unto Him alone.

God needed His people to learn that true peace came from rightly serving Him. While the time in the desert wouldn’t be all joy and celebration, it was a place where they could be instructed in His ways and learn what it meant to be at peace with Him. It is this same peace that required God to send His Son as a tiny babe many years later. It is also this peace that will be forever ours at the Second Advent. Jesus came to bring that peace.

Making It Personal

When do you find moments of peace in your life? What is absent that makes the moment peaceful? Do you find that peace in the things of God?

Making It Personal Kids

How would you describe something that is peaceful? Do you like moments of peace and quiet? What is something you like to do when it is quiet?

Closing Prayer

Father, we thank You for the gift of peace that only You can bring. Help us learn this week the ways that You call us into peace and how to have the peace that only You can provide. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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