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On the Threshold of Worship

Psalm 122

Verse 2 Our feet are standing in your gates, Jerusalem.

We need to remember that these are songs they would sing on their way to Jerusalem to celebrate the festivals. David has just rejoiced because they were being called into the house of the Lord and now they have arrived.

They arrived at their destination but this wasn’t the beginning of the worship at the festival. Too often that is how we arrive at church on Sunday. We are headed to worship as if that is the destination. The truth is that church shouldn’t be the sole place to worship. These travelers weren’t in the practice of only worshiping at the three festivals when they were to go to Jerusalem.

We were made for worship. God has created us with the purpose of bringing Him glory. And He isn’t looking for this at scheduled times. When did we allow the idea of worship to become something that has to be done with others on a Sunday morning? Somewhere along the flow of time the principle of the 4th commandment has been distorted.

The Sabbath was a day given as gift to God’s people. Originally celebrated by the Jews on the final day of the week the early Church started celebrating Sunday as the Lord’s Day due to Christ’s raising from the dead on Sunday. Both days were to be dedicated to the Lord but neither as the only day to worship. The Sabbath was a way of ensuring that God’s people and all that belonged to them took a day to rest. We too need a day of rest, but a day of rest is not the same as a day of worship. We can no longer allow that false definition to control how we think about the Lord’s Day.

The early Church gathered together more than just on Sunday. In fact it says in Acts 2:46 that they got together daily to worship. Daily. Most churches struggle to get enough people to service on Sunday morning to fill the pews, let alone getting together daily. Truthfully there are many family who can’t seem to get together daily for a meal, let alone family worship time. We need to reset our thinking about worship and what it should mean in our daily life so we don’t wait until the opening song in the Sunday morning service to start our worship of the Almighty God and Creator.

Making It Personal

How do you define worship? What steps do you take to prepare your heart for worship? Do you wait until you are at church to think about worship?

Making It Personal Kids

What does worship mean? Where do you worship? Who do you worship?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for creating us for worship. Give us the desire to worship You in all the ways You deserve, not just on Sunday but every day of the week. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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