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O Father, May I?

Luke 15:11–32

Verse 11 Jesus continued: “There was a man who had two sons.

Welcome to the Prodigal family. We are going to spend the week taking a closer look at the three main characters. The word prodigal means to spend money recklessly, give resources freely or be extravagantly wasteful. We start today talking about the father.

We meet this man with the description of having 2 sons. From the looks of things this man was a wealthy man and his joy was in his sons. You can just about see that look of pride on his face. But then comes the day when the youngest son as much as says he wishes his father dead and more or less demands his inheritance. The hurt this must have caused seems lost in the rest of the narrative.

We often focus on the father only at the end of the story but it is important to take a few moments to focus on him at the beginning of the story. This father knew his sons, they weren’t strangers to him. He would have known that the younger son wasn’t as committed as the older son. He likely knew that his younger son was antsy about staying around home. When the day came it was likely that his heart took the big hit. But he had hope as we will talk about another day.

The father likely watched his son pack and head off. Maybe he even watched until his younger son became nothing but a speck in the distance. He turns and heads back to his house, downcast and concerned about what will become of his son. This wasn’t going to just be a week’s trip to the next county, the son would be gone for some time and the dad wouldn’t know where he was, how he was or if he would ever see him again. This wasn’t a time of instant information.

In the same way God knows us. He knows that we are not fully committed to Him. He sees us making questionable choices with the finances that He has given us. He sees us squandering our time and energy. He sees us making choices to sin and in essence saying that His Son’s sacrificial death doesn’t matter enough to us to keep us from doing as we want. The father in the story was lavish in his giving the inheritance and Our Heavenly Father is lavish in His inheritance to us.

Making It Personal

When are sometimes in your life when you have told God you cared more about your wants than His being your Father? Do you ever wonder what God thinks about your choices? In what ways have you noticed God’s lavish love on you?

Making It Personal Kids

What is a way that you know God pours His love on us? Do you think God hurts when we sin? How should we feel about sinning?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for being the loving Father You are. Thank You for Your lavish love and providing for us, even when we act as if You don’t matter to us. Help us learn to be the child You want us to be. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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