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No Record Book

Psalm 130

Verse 3 If you, Lord, kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand?

The psalmist is continuing the introspection of his heart and spiritual state. His introspection today is making sure to see his sin through the light of Christ.

This verse seems to have the psalmist meditating on how many sins we have in a lifetime. None of us are without sin. No matter how young we are there are enough sins in our life to fill a book. Our books would be different sizes but they would all be full. All have sinned and we know that makes us unworthy of His attention. That brings the psalmist to this moment of reflection.

This thoughtful prayer was one of admission of sin and awe at the One who would be willing to not only cover the sin but was willing to forget it. This is the gift of mercy that the psalmist called out for yesterday. We don’t like to think about what we would be without His mercy. Only through His grace and mercy do we have any reason for hope of an eternity with Him.

There are many places throughout Scripture where when God reveals Himself the people fall down or become overly aware of their sinfulness in the presence of the holiness of God. Isaiah knew his sinfulness when he had his vision and witnessed the beings of heaven proclaiming God’s holiness. And that understanding of his sinfulness and God’s holiness didn’t end with his awe, it resulted in Isaiah’s full surrender to God and His mission (Isaiah 6:1-8).

This is the mark of a person who truly sees their sins in light of pure holiness. They no longer look at the chasm between the holiness of God and their filth of sinfulness and do nothing about it. The right response to seeing the divide is one of action, of putting ourselves into the mission of serving God in every possible way.

The psalmist asked who could stand in the presence of the Lord if all sins were kept record of and we can praise God that He doesn’t keep track of them. We are welcomed into His presence because God sees us through the cleansing flood of Jesus’ blood.

Making It Personal

Have you ever made the effort to see your sin in comparison to His holiness? What does it mean to you that He doesn’t keep a record of your sins? Do you hold sins against yourself that He doesn’t?

Making It Personal Kids

What is the difference between sin and holiness? How does it make you feel to know that Jesus doesn’t keep track of your sins? Does this mean it is ok to keep sinning?

Closing Prayer

Father, we come to You knowing that we are not worthy of You even looking at us. Our sins are so numerous and You are so holy. Thank You for not keeping a record of our sins. Father, help us see the truth of our sin and despise it. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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