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Multiplying Descendants

Psalm 127

Verse 5 Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.

We have spent a couple of days talking about the blessing of having children around us, but is quantity really that much better?

Children aren’t always seen in the same way as they were in generations past. While we may look at it as more mouths to feed, the families in the past thought more like, “more hands to harvest things to eat.”

The reason given as to why a man is blessed with lots of children is because he then has many that will vouch for him during court held in the city gate. The city gate had 2 common uses – holding court for discrepancies with personal enemies or keeping out national enemies. To have ones children at the gate spoke of the standing they had in the community or military. Either way these were children to be proud of.

We do need to pause and think about who this song of ascent is written for. Yes, while it is a blessing to any father to have children who are wise and will make his name look good in society there is a deeper meaning to this psalm and its reference of children. This psalm was penned for the use of God’s people traveling for a festival of worship. This wasn’t just one father traveling with his children feeling blessed. It was the promised plethora of descendants from one man who was promised that his children be more than the grains of sand on the seashore, and who would come to this very place, for this very purpose.

The picture of Abraham and his descendants is only a shadow of the bigger picture of God and His people. After Jesus ascended to heaven the Church multiplied quickly. Pentecost, which was one of the festivals that they journeyed to Jerusalem for, saw 3000 join the Church in one day! That is a family that blesses the Father!

Making It Personal

What kind of children are a blessing? Are you an obedient child of God? What effort are you making in helping the people of God grow?

Making It Personal Kids

Why is growing the number of people that love Jesus important to Him? Do you know that He counts you as His? Why is obeying Him so others know about Him important?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for calling us into Your family. Help us desire to make Your name known by living the way You desire Your family to live. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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