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Mountain of Protection

Psalm 125

Verse 2 As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forevermore.

We mentioned yesterday that mountains are steady. They definitely aren’t as shifty as the sand along the seashore.

Jerusalem sat atop a mountain but it wasn’t the tallest of the mountains in the area. There were mountains that surrounded the special city that protected it from various weather events. When we think about mountains not being shifting there is a permanency to the concept of their protection to God’s city. That is what the psalmist was worshiping God for, His being like the surrounding mountains.

There are other places in Scripture where God’s protection is referred to as a mother hen protecting her chicks under her wings. While these show how God sees us as His precious children it misses the fact that He is unmovable in His protection. It is His being unmovable that should bring us the greatest comfort because it shows us how He will always be there for us.

His protection of His people is steadfast and reliable. We don’t have to question if He will be there when we need Him, because He is always there for us. Just as He was there for His people throughout history, He will be there for us. The way He made Himself known to His people when they looked to Him is the way that He will make Himself known to us when we look fully to Him.

The people of God in Biblical times had a tendency to do the same thing we do, we follow Him for a while and then we drift away as we follow our own desires. This isn’t a good pattern and yet it is so easy to join in the ageless cycle. It isn’t that God isn’t there during those times, just that we aren’t looking to Him during those times. To enjoy close communion with Him comes with obedience to Him and that is a blessing that includes more than His mighty protection. His protection comes from the heart of a loving Father. We should worship Him with the heart of obedient children.

Making It Personal

When has God proven Himself as you protector? How did He protect you? Do you take His protection for granted?

Making It Personal Kids

How does God protect you? Do you thank Him for protecting you? What do you enjoy about your relationship with Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for being our mighty protector. Your are unmovable and that alone should give us reason to worship You. Help us see our need to live in close communion with You. Help us see sin for what it is. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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