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Mighty Hand of the Lord Displayed

Exodus 14:29-31

Verse 31 And when the Israelites saw the mighty hand of the Lord displayed against the Egyptians, the people feared the Lord and put their trust in him and in Moses his servant.

Yesterday we were talking about God showing His power to His people. Before moving on to the next lesson of the exodus we need to look at why it is important to be aware of His power.

The Israelites have had many opportunities during this short journey into freedom to be aware of God’s awesome power. But what should have been their response to seeing His power? It should have been the same response we should have when we see His power in our lives. When we see His power displayed we should see ourselves in our true light. If we are honest about how mighty His power is, than we can’t help but admit how weak we are.

These people had been slaves for generations and did hard work. They weren’t totally weak and yet they were no match for the Egyptian army. But God handled the Egyptian army as if they were little green army men and He had a power washer on high. They were obliterated and as their bodies started washing ashore the Israelites would have no option but to be in awe of the only One who could accomplish such a feat.

God needed the Israelites to see His power so that they would know who they were dealing with. They were leaving a land with many false gods. In fact the plagues were not random as they seemed to mock the gods of Egypt. God needed to make sure that they knew that He wasn’t just one more God to add to a list but that He was God Almighty, solely supreme. He showed them a taste of His power so that they would see it and take notice of who He is.

A second way God is needing His people’s attention is in knowing who He has appointed as the leader for this exodus. They have already started questioning Moses’ leadership and God needs them to know that Moses was His choice. If they rejected God’s choice of leader they were saying they rejected God. They had seen how God used Moses to display His power and they had to accept Moses so they could accept God. The way that Moses handled this situation shows his obedience to God and his faith in God’s word. Moses had told them that they needed to be still because God was going to fight for them. God had not failed.

Making It Personal

Has seeing God’s power in action in our passage this week shown you the truth about your humanity? Do you find it hard to trust and follow leaders that God has put in control? When have you seen God use His power in your nation?

Making It Personal Kids

Name some ways that God showed His power through this story so far. Could you do any of those things? Do you trust God?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for the many ways You show Your mighty power. Please help us see that we can’t compare to Your power and therefore our best choice is to surrender to Your power in our lives and let You shine. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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