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Meeting at the Father’s Feet

Psalm 132

Verse 7 “Let us go to his dwelling place, let us worship at His footstool, saying,…”

Yesterday we talked about David bringing the Ark of the Covenant to its new home in Jerusalem. Of course God didn’t allow David to build the Temple to house the Ark, instead putting David’s son, Solomon, in charge of that feat. But it was in the city where it belonged.

As we mentioned yesterday, David was trying to help God’s people to come to back to proper worship of God. They had spent many years learning to love the gods of the people of their new land and throughout the time of the judges had often lived however they wanted to, doing whatever was right in their own eyes. But David knew through His relationship with God that there were things that they could and should be doing.

Even though God had instituted these celebrations years before even coming to the Promised Land, it was like they had never heard of them. They hadn’t been looking to God as their Father and didn’t seem to know Him anymore. This was why David was so adamant about this reestablishing the meeting place of God. The people had to be reminded who God is and what He requires.

This key verse calls the people to come and then adds a very important call to action. They were to worship at God’s footstool. This image of coming to the foot of His throne was another reminder of God as Father. Children would come to sit before the father and show him honor. As God’s children we are to meet at His feet to give Him honor.

This thought about honor is important for us to remember when we are coming to worship Him. Worship isn’t about us. Worship should be about Him. Yes, we need to be prepared to worship and understand our position in worship. When we demand that worship be what we think it should be, it becomes about us. God alone is worthy of our worship and therefore it needs to be what He desires.

We need the reminder just as much as they did as they were coming to worship. We have to look to see if we are coming with bended knee to honor Him or if we are coming feeling as equals.

Making It Personal

How do you picture yourself in comparison to God when coming to worship? What is a way that you can help yourself remember your part of worship? Do you need to rethink your heart of worship?

Making It Personal Kids

Why is it important to remember that Jesus is who you are worshiping? How can you be intentional about how you think about Jesus while worshiping? What does worshiping Jesus mean to you?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for calling us to Your feet to worship You. Teach us to worship You as You desire. Help us remember that worship is about You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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