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Major Win!

Psalm 92:9-11

Verse 9 For surely your enemies, Lord, surely your enemies will perish; all evildoers will be scattered.

Yesterday we talked about the need to praise now and throughout eternity. Today we will talk about one more reason we have to praise Him.

One of the psalmist’s topics of praise in this Sabbath psalm is the way God defeats His (and our) enemies. This is important because it gives us one more reason to praise. We like to think that we can’t praise because we have enemies or persecution. But the truth is that this should give us even more reason to praise Him.

You may be saying, “What? Praise Him because others don’t like me?” But the truth is that if we are living as He did then we will have enemies and it should bring us to a place of praise because it is a sign that we are becoming more and more like Him. God uses the trials in our lives to help us grow deeper in our faith. Trials file down our rough edges and makes us into the tools He wants to use in our lives to further His kingdom.

Another way this allows us to praise Him on the Sabbath is that it is a reminder that He is over all and that He is watching out for us and will conquer our enemies. Maybe not in our timing but He will do it and this is another reason to praise.

We aren’t to praise for just what has happened in our lives. Some of the greatest Sabbath celebrations we celebrate are those that happened in the past. For example look at Easter. This is the ultimate time of celebration among Christians and it is us celebrating how God conquered death. Death was our enemy and it was conquered by the power of the Holy Spirit on the day that changed when Christ’s followers changed their day of Sabbath. That is how important this win was, it changed the day the Sabbath was celebrated. It took the day from being a subject of keeping the law to a day of celebration of God for His mighty redemption.

That is the thing that is so important to remember about embracing Sabbath keeping praise, it isn’t just about what He has done personally for us in recent days, but about what He has done through the ages for the betterment of His children and ultimately for His glory.

Making It Personal

What is something that you can praise Him for that you didn’t personally experience but that benefitted you in some way? Have you had a trial that you can praise God about? Could you praise Him while going through it?

Making It Personal Kids

What is special about Easter that we can praise God about? Are hard times easy to praise God about? Is praising God important?

Closing Prayer

Father, we praise You for all the ways You have protected us and conquered our enemies. Please keep us aware of reasons to praise You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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