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Lullabies from the Lord

Psalm 121

Verses 3b-4 He who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

It is so wonderful to know that God will keep us from slipping while following Him, but is it only from slipping that He guards us?

One of the most comforting things in our Christian lives should be that God is there for us no matter the moment of the day that we need Him. It is so easy to think that we are alone in those middle of the night fears and frets. Our minds may be running with all the stress we are under and since everyone else is sleeping we think it is up to us to figure it all out. The problem is that we can’t figure it out on our own.

The reason we are worrying and struggling to sleep is because we think that we need to figure it all out. We lie awake thinking of all the ways we can make things work out to the result that we want. God has a different solution to our problems but unless we give up the control of those situations we will never know what He may have in store for us.

Part of the reason that we struggle with worry is because we struggle with control. We look for ways that we can fix things and we can drive ourselves crazy with all the options that come to mind. But why do we think that we need to be the one to figure it out? What is it about us that we think we should be in control in our lives? And furthermore, do we even consider what it means to our worship life if we think that we are the only ones that can make things work out right in our lives?

The psalmist knew that we should accept the fact that we are not in control. He likely knew the danger of allowing our sleep to be disrupted by worry. And from what he wrote in our key verses for today, we know that he knew the best solution to our fretting was to turn to the Lord who never sleeps and therefore is always ready to care for our concerns. And even more wonderful than that is the fact that He wants to help us with them.

Making It Personal

What keeps you up at night? Are they things that you struggle to control? What scares you about handing those cares over to God?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you get scared about things and find it hard to sleep? Does it make you feel better knowing that Jesus stays up all night and can listen to your fears? Do you have something you need to share with Jesus so that you can sleep better?

Closing Prayer

Father, there is no one like You and there is no reason for us to stay up all night worrying. Give us the wisdom to hand all our concerns over to You so that You can work out everything that concerns us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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