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Low Employment Numbers

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Matthew 9:35-38

Verse 37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

In recent years we have heard about manpower shortages in many different fields of employment. Some jobs shortages aren't so much about the lack of people going into that field as it is such high demand for the services they offer. That is the case in today's Bible reading.

The harvest Jesus is talking about here isn't the end of time harvest but rather the people among us in the world that need the good news of the Gospel. Jesus is preparing His disciples' hearts for their upcoming mission. He needed them to see that it was more than about the physical needs of the people. The purpose of His teaching was to reach to the heart of the people, to touch the core of their understanding. His words were showing not just how to live but that living wasn't just for this lifetime.

Jesus had compassion on the lost and He wanted His disciples to see why and feel compassion on them too. Jesus saw how easily confused and helpless they were.

Does this sound familiar? There are a lot of lost people in our world too. Following Jesus means we need to have compassion on them and desire for them to see truth. But what does that look like? First off it means knowing the Gospel ourselves. Do we see that we are sinners? Do we understand that Jesus died for our sin? Do we accept that without His sacrifice we would be forever lost too? Secondly, if we are honest with ourselves about how many sins we deal with in our lives and that His sacrifice is our only redemption, then how can we NOT have compassion on others that sin but don't know about the Savior?

The lost are plenty but the workers are few. If you are a follower of Jesus you should be on His mission and bringing people to the cross. His sacrifice is the only saving method. You are called and you are commissioned.

Making it personal

Take a few moments of quiet introspection. Do you see how much you need a Savior? If you have benefited from Christ's sacrifice on the cross, how can you keep from sharing the Good News with someone who needs it?

Making it personal kids

Have you ever been so excited about something that you wanted your friends to see it too? Are you excited about Jesus and want others to know Him too?

Closing prayer

Father, there are many lost in our world today just as there were in Jesus day. Sometimes it is easier not to see them so we don't feel guilty about not sharing You with them. Would You please show us today someone who needs to know about Jesus' sacrifice on the cross? Help us be true followers of You in this regard. Thank You, Father. In jesus' name, amen.

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