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Love Your Neighbor

Exodus 20:12-19

Verse 19 …and said to Moses, “Speak to us yourself and we will listen. But do not have God speak to us or we will die.”

Our key verse today shows the healthy fear the Israelites had of God. They knew that He was the Supreme Being. He could kill them with a look or single word. They knew Him to be all powerful. Shouldn’t this same knowledge be ours today? Could the fact that we don’t think of Him that way be why we can be found sporadic in our level of obedience in loving others?

Today we look at the remaining 6 of the Law God has given to His people. The first on our list today speaks about how we treat our parents. We are to respect them all the days of our lives. Now this doesn’t say obey our parents. While there are times that respect of our parents means that, we come to an age where obedience to them is no longer what it means to respect them. We are to care for them and speak of them in honorable ways. We are not to speak to them disrespectfully.

When God says we are not to murder He isn’t just referring to taking someone’s life. Nor is He saying that it never acceptable to take a life. He is saying that it is wrong to set out to kill someone for the sake of killing. There are times in war and in self-defense or the defense of one’s family that it is necessary to kill but never OK to forsake the knowledge that life is precious and given by God. Jesus also pointed out that sometimes we break this command with our words and thoughts about others.

Marriage is to be held sacred between a man and woman, committed to each other and God for life.

Don’t take anything that isn’t yours. In fact He goes as far as to add the 10th command which can correlate with this one, as taking something that doesn’t rightfully belong to us starts by thinking how much we want what someone else has. Coveting someone else’s property or spouse or child is just the first step to stealing or maybe even murder to get what we want.

Having covered commands 8 and 10 together we come to our last one, command 9. How easy it is to disobey God by telling a lie about someone or even telling a partial truth about someone? Too easy!

God is clear, we can’t properly love Him if we aren’t loving each other as we should. Let’s show God how much we love Him by loving each other.

Making It Personal

Which of these commands do you struggle with the most? Does it help you see the need to obey Him in all of these when you realize this is how you are to show Him you love Him? Who are you going to purposely love today?

Making It Personal Kids

How does loving others show Jesus you love Him? Is it always easy to love others? Do you want to love Jesus by loving others?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for calling us to love You by loving others. Give us a pure love for others so that we can obey You though loving them. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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