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Love the Lord Your God

Exodus 20:1-11

Verse 6 …but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

We have talked a lot during Advent about the need to obey God and how that goes hand in hand with our hope, peace, joy and love. So what exactly does God call us to obedience in? He gave us this list of ten things that we know so well that we often don’t think about them too deeply. The first four deal with our love for God.

God purposely starts out by laying the groundwork for the rest of the commands. We are to love Him and Him alone as God. He alone deserves this title and allegiance and yet we often slip up on this command because while we claim Him as our God we make choices that are more about us and our desires than they are about Him and His desires. If we are to really claim Him as our God we need to pay attention to who we are truly loving first, Him or ourselves.

Having just come from the culture of Egypt with its many gods it would have been easy to become immune to the allowance they gave to the other gods. Even in our culture it is so easy to ignore when we are giving time or vocal affirmation to a god other than the God of heaven. How easy it is to make mention of karma or other such things without giving any thought that those are things that are not of God but rather another religion that is in opposition to Him. How quick we are to judge the people in the wilderness without seeing we do the same types of things in our lives.

The third one is another that can trip us up without any thought because of those around us and how frequently we hear His name misused. It is rare to be able to watch TV, a movie or even scroll through social media without seeing and hearing someone using His name flippantly. But how often do our own lives give Him a bad name because we claim Him and then live in ways that are not in line with Him?

This fourth may seem easy to us if we attend church regularly, but can we say that our going to church is to rest in Him? We can become so legalistic about not working but is that what He really desires of us on His day? He has set aside one day of the week for us to enjoy Him and His people. Let’s enjoy Him.

Making It Personal

Which of these is hardest for you to show love to God in? Do you give much thought to how obedience comes from love for Him? What can you love Him in through obedience today?

Making It Personal Kids

How does obeying Jesus show that you love Him? Is it hard to obey Him all the time? Which of these commandments do you need to work on loving Jesus more in?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for loving us enough to give us laws to live by. Help us love You more and more each day so that we live lives of obedience. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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