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Love is Tough

Psalm 133

Verse 1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

We talked yesterday about following in Christ’s footprints. One of the topics that we didn’t get to was Jesus’ love for people, even His enemies.

Love like that of Jesus is not something that is natural for humans. Our nature does not usually see others in the most loving way. We think first about our own interests and that leads us to make quick judgments about people based on their looks. If we see someone sporting tattooed sleeves on each arm or maybe a pink Mohawk we tend to shy away from them. Without even knowing them we make the decision that they aren’t worth our time. That isn’t loving as Jesus loved.

There are those people in our lives that make our blood pressure rise just at the sound of their name. It may be a coworker, an ex or maybe a mother-in-law. We tolerate being around them because we can’t always avoid it. There will always be shifts to be worked together or family get-togethers to be endured. But is that how Jesus would have handled it?

There may be those that really feel like enemies. They have caused us actual hurt or put our lives in jeopardy or maybe even abused us. They have proven over and over that they don’t like us the least bit, maybe even hate us and we don’t care for them either. Jesus had these kind of people in His life too. How did He treat these enemies?

Love is tough. Not for those who we like but for those that we don’t care for, that’s a different story. We don’t want to love them. It is a choice we make over and over. But unlike us, Christ made the choice to love them over and over. They still may not have been His favorite people, or even people that he would associate in the sense of friendship, but He loved them.

These people are created by God and for that reason alone we should choose to love them. They haven’t earned it but God has a purpose in them or they wouldn’t have been born. He didn’t suggest we love them, He commanded it. We need to make the choice to walk in His footprints of love, no matter the cost.

Making It Personal

Who is on your enemy list? What put them on that list? In what way can you choose to love them?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you have any enemies? What makes them your enemies? How can you learn to love them?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for loving us. Loving our enemies is not easy. Give us Your eyes of love for those that cause us to want to run. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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