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Lord, What About Him?

John 21:19b-21

Verse 21 When Peter saw him, he asked, “Lord, what about him?”

Yesterday we ended our time together talking about how Jesus had told Peter to follow Him. Today we see Peter’s human response.

As Jesus and Peter are walking along Peter notices John following a little behind them. Having just heard Jesus telling him that he would be looking at persecution and eventually death for the name of Jesus, Peter wants to know about what is going to happen to John. Isn’t that a common human response to hearing we are going to have to face something difficult? We wonder if we are the only one that will have to deal with we are going through. We don’t like it and hope we aren’t alone in it. Misery loves company, right?

This human view has not changed much over the centuries except for the slant that we live in a society that lives as if karma is a truth. The thinking that if you are good in your actions and speech everything will go well with you is a non-biblical worldview. Jesus lived a perfect life and He was murdered because of it.

Like Peter, we feel like we need to know that others are also going to be on the rough journey with us to make it worth it. We don’t want to think that we are going to be getting beat up verbally or maybe even physically while someone else, who also claims to be a Christian, appears to ride the life of ease. Comparison is such a dangerous poison. When we start looking at those around us instead of focusing on Jesus, we change our mission. To look at what others are dealing with instead of what He has given us to do, speaks about who we are truly serving.

When we become concerned with if others are dealing with the same issues we are, the truth of our hearts are revealed. When we have a heart like that, we are actually saying that we think it is about us. We are supposed know it is about Jesus. We can’t work as His kingdom workers if we are working for ourselves. Like Peter, we need to be reminded that it isn’t about others, it is about our relationship with Him.

Making It Personal

Have you ever compared your life with those around you? Were they people that you envied? Who are you focused on?

Making It Personal Kids

Why did Peter want to know what was going to happen to John? Was that any of Peter’s business? Who are you supposed to be focused on?

Closing Prayer

Father, we confess that sometimes we are too focused on others and miss what You are asking of us. Help us return our focus to You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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